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Tuesday, December 18, 2007


The Eyes Have It

I went to the optometrist today.

I've been quite the lagger, and now I'm coming up against my drivers license expiry date. I know that the DMV will just send me to get mis ojos looked at, so I went ahead and got an exam to preempt them. Can you believe it's been 20 years since I've had an eye exam?! Yeah, the last time was for when I got my DL in the first place. See, I gots me a lazy eye, and I needed to bring a doctor's note to the DMV that said to just give me the damn thing. Well, that was then. Today, I got a prescription for some specs and a note from the eye-doc saying that if I have any restrictions it should just be glasses while driving. And they actually did improve my vision, so I guess I'm cool with it.

Anyway, the crazy thing about the visit was getting my eyes dilated. Wow. Trippy--but not really. Like taking acid, but without any of the fun stuff.

And isn't the eye-chart I found t3h r0xx0rz!!!!1!11??/??

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