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Friday, December 07, 2007


Cabin Fever

After pointing out that I'd posted three entries in two days, I went without posting anything yesterday. Not that I'm trying to do some NaBloPoDaMo (or whatever the hell it was). I just made the observation and thought I'd drop something in here.

Ren's been home with a cough all week, so we've gotten progressively more and more stir crazy as the effects of cabin fever set in. It was becoming quite apparent into the second day, so it was perfect that it happened to be Big Wednesday. I thought it would do us, and Ren's lungs, some good to go down to the shore, enjoy some ocean air, and maybe catch some big waves (with the camera, of course).

I didn't want to drive very far, so we just went to IB. After seeing some other photos on Flickr, I wish I would've gone further north.

I love this photo, but if you look at his cheek, you can see what I mean by 'stir crazy'. If we spend too much time indoors, Ren will start drawing all over his body.

Thankfully I've gotten into photography rather than tattooing. Experimenting with light is a lot less permanent.

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Blogger Amy said...

I know how the cabin fever can get you... We went through that last week! Funny how cabin fever gives you the time to have us all see you more here. Anyway, I love the playing with light image, and I really love the one of Ren..really beautiful! Glad you got to the beach at least...Hope Ren is feeling better.

9:35 AM  

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