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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Rudy blowing it with first two at bats

Listening to the Republican debate in Iowa. Not that I'm really rooting for any of these dicks, but man, Rudy sure blew the first two questions, in my opinion.


Blogger ma and pa otter said...

I really don't like that man...thank god he has a hard time hiding his real self! This fact may spare us from him. He's an egomaniac. In some ways I worry that he really is the best human-representation of our self-centered, sick nation. (by sick I mean truly wounded and in need of serious spiritual mending. Hopefully the populus will vote the best part of ourselves..what we hope to be, not what we are. The question is...who best represents the best version of our country. I don't know yet but I like the way our country would be perceived by the world if we had a black man for a president...if perception is half of it. When I hear people say we should be happy with a woman president I cringe. She's another example of our failed democracy...how odd that out of all the millions of people in this country another clinton is elected, or another bush...it sure looks like a kingdom to me.


10:41 AM  
Blogger Paida said...

I am with Annie.

I do think Hillary is in a totally different category from Rudy, or Bush for that matter. I really really really hope she doesn't get the nomination, but if she does I will vote for her quite happily in November - if she is elected I will feel very relieved that the Bush nightmare is over. She is far from perfect, but damn listen to 5 minutes of the Republican debate and one realizes how critical it is that none of those asses get elected.

8:57 AM  

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