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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


SignOnSanDiego.com > News > Politics -- Bush to bring war defense to San Diego next week

SignOnSanDiego.com > News > Politics -- Bush to bring war defense to San Diego next week

The little muckin' fonkey is gonna be in my backyard today.

Ohh, in perfect dreams...

This little M-er F-er is trying to drum up any support that might be left, "honoring" veterans, right after deciding to close Walter Reed?!? Will no one call 'Bullshit' to his face? Oh, wait, I guess if anyone wanted to, they couldn't anyway. He's on vacation, and it's hard work. He needs to get on with his life. He's on his 50th vacation, on his 6th visit to "America's Finest City" (let's not get started on that one), while Katrina rips a hole through his Southern stronghold. Way to go, dick.

Somebody get Cindy Sheehan a t-shirt that says, "The President went on vacation, and all I got was shit on by Fox News". Or for the folks forced to weather the storm in the SuperDome, "The President stayed at the Hotel Del Coronado while I got to sleep on some loge seats in the S'Dome while my home was destroyed."

I hope he chokes on an oyster or something.

Tell Me a Secret: 07/01/2005 - 07/31/2005

Tell Me a Secret: 07/01/2005 - 07/31/2005: "I found myself...
Sleeping in a grave-size space"

Khalid Jarrar offers us one of many personal insights into life in Iraq. Take the time to read this. It's a long one, but remember, he can't exactly just sit down to post up whenever he feels like it. Hell, he was detained just for reading others' blogs.

Reading his incredible story of simply going about his business, only to find himself suddenly locked up for no good reason, saddened me, while simultaneously encouraged me. That this man, as many others I'm sure, can endure what's going on, and yet maintain such a humble and compassionate countenance is truly remarkable.

A coworker told me recently that she enjoys watching crap like Being Bobby Brown, or whatever the hell that nonsense is called, because it makes her feel better about her own life. Isn't that what a lot of people say? "Oh, I really just watch _________ because I can say 'At least my life ain't that fucked up'." Maybe more of us need to tune into some real drama, some real reality -- you can't make up the shit that's really going on. What was it Bono (back when U2 was worth listening to) sang? "...When war is fiction / and TV reality..." Something like that.

If you're reading this, then you're probably already aware that there's more going on than how many effin' outfits Diddy had at the VMAs. I know I'm mostly preachin' to the choir, but maybe if each of us got just one person to read Khalid's blog, or Raed's, or Faiza's, or any number of outlets where we can catch of glimpse of reality (and not the one the Bush administration manufactures), then maybe... just... oh, I don't know. Just do me a favor. The next time you here someone say, "OMIGOD! Did you watch Being Bobby last night?!?", send 'em this way.

Salaam, Shalom, Aloha

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Salon.com - War Room

"It gets ugly in Crawford":


This is dumbfounding. At this rate, Crawford's just going to spiral into a mess before it gets resolved -- although, how it gets resolved is now anyone's guess. Hopefully it doesn't end with some good-n-drunk ol' boys goin' a-cross clippin', protest-plowin' and Sheehan shootin'.

I'm sorry, Cindy, but I think you've been mistaken. Though you may be exercising your rights and duties as an American citizen, those privileges don't extend to foreign countries such as Crawford (I would say Texas, but then Austin would get lumped in with the rest of them).

You know what this is like? This is like when Capt. Kirk had a doppelganger and no one could tell who the real one was. It was determined when the fake Kirk insisted vehemently on the killing of the real one. Everyone knew that that behaviour was not in James T's nature, and thus the pretender revealed himself.

There are two Americas facing off outside Junior's ranch, but one of them is really more like a Bizarro-America, or as Tom might spell it, A'merka (doesn't that rhyme with burka?). Can you tell which is which? Quickly, because the wrong Capt. Kirk is in control of the bridge, and he's taking the ship down.

Friday, August 12, 2005


HoustonChronicle.com - Bush passes by protesters, but doesn't stop

HoustonChronicle.com - Bush passes by protesters, but doesn't stop: "'Why do you make time for donors and not for me?'"

Why is it that knuckleheads like Mr. Death_to_Jihad... and Archangel think Cindy Sheehan has succumbed to the influence of the terrorists, when she, one woman, is actually behaving more patriotically than any foul-mouthed neo-con Bushwhacko?

How can Bush claim to understand her position, to empathize with her, when he can't even face her? How can he claim to have thought (?) "long and hard" (It's hard work) about her demands when the one at the top of the list is to meet face to face? I guess meeting with an actual Citizen is beyond his abilities. If he respects her right to her opinions and beliefs, couldn't he have even had the caravan slow down so that he could roll down the window even just to acknowledge her presence? He's such a cavalier jackass, able to say the stupidest, most inciteful rhetoric when he's safe behind his podium (remember "Mission Accomplished?" or "Bring 'em on!"); couldn't he just drive by, roll down the window, squint, grin, and say, "Hey, I get, heh, but, uh, it ain't gonna happen, heh, alright?"

As Cindy's banner asked, why does he make time for donors and not for her? Donors? Yeah, brain donors, methinks!

It does make a certain amount of sense, though. I mean, really, who could actually sit down and eat in the same room as that primate, let alone give him $200,000 to $100,000 to do so. Oh, was it because of the cool nicknames he was giving out, like ranger and pioneer?

Now I get it.

Thursday, August 11, 2005


A Voice Crying in the Wilderness

Gary Hart Calls 'Em Out. Will Anyone Step Up?

Thanks, Rick, over at So May It Secretly Begin, for posting this to end the day.

This one goes out special to Archangel, my very first Bushie dirtbag who left me this lovely comment on my previous Cindy Sheehan post:
Where is Mr. Patrick Sheehan? Why doesn't he assert authority over his insane wife and tell her to shut up, or just divorce her? There's no excuse for this sort of behavior. It's not surprising that she is being used by Michael Moore, who is the #1 American traitor of the present.

Now that's class.

He closes by saying, "Quit wasting your $$ on a brainwashing." Why, because you got yours for free? Maybe you should check out that Cornell Study on Masculine Overcompensation. It might help you with some questions you've had...

365 and a Wakeup

"By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes."

- Act IV, Scene I, Macbeth

This morning the sky raged with the burnt glow of a dying fire. It was as if the wind had blown through some ancient wound in the earth and spilled the deserts very blood into the air.

So opens the blog post for August 8th, Wicked Light, written by Capt. Danjel Bout (Thunder6), on his blog 365 and a Wakeup.

I'd never looked up a military blog. I'd read mention of them, mainly in Doonesbury, but never read one. Come to think of it, I didn't read many blogs; outside the comfort and safety of Myspace, that is. So, now I've cut myself off from Myspace; well, from blogging there, anyway. At the same time, I've been incubating a topic-idea for a paper I need to write. The topic is blogging and politics -- I know, *yawn*, but the instructor thinks it's a good topic. Besides, I will not aim to be academically noble and challenge myself to research something I know nothing about, y'know, to learn something. I'll tell you what I'm learning -- how to go to school, work, and be a single-dad, and live. Anyway...

I'd never thought to check out a sodier's blog until I watched The Daily Show tonight. Jon's guest was John Hockenberry, who wrote The Blogs of War, a feature article in the current issue of Wired.

After hearing the interview, reading the article, and then reading Thunder6's two most recent posts there is no way I could write about it myself and do it justice. I think Mr. Hockenberry puts it best when he describes Capt. Bout's posts as "the details of Army life in language evocative of literary warbloggers of yore like Thucydides, Homer, Thomas Paine, and John Donne."


Cindy Sheehan "changed her story on Bush"? Trac ... [Media Matters for America]

How do these assholes sleep at night?!?

I've just started going back to college, and while the course work isn't exactly difficult, it is challenging. What gets to me, though, is that while I'm being held to certain standards when it comes to doing research and referencing material that I cite, so as to maintain mycredibility, Matt Drudge and the lick-spittle, bottom-feeders at Faux News are getting paid to do everything I'm admonished not to do in order to complete my education.

P.J. Goebbels would be ever so pleased.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Men overcompensate when masculinity threatened

Can we rename Napoleon Complex to Dubya Complex?

This isn't Mr. Death_to_Jihadists, is it?

We've always considered male overcompensation to be something real, or at least real enough to poke fun at. It's funny, though, that a doctoral candidate has to conduct a study to determine its veracity. I wonder how many times he got beat up...

And I wonder what the good Dr. James Dobson thinks of this report.

There ARE some literate Texans worth reading!

Tom's Irrelevant Musings would like to "offer up my own writings as examples of the finest in anti-American corrosion". He's pissed that he hasn't attracted any backward-minded Bushlickers (apologies to lesbians and men who like going downtown) like John has.

Don't hold that against him, though. He's got some great thoughts. He also claims to have some photos of Jenna Bush drunkenly writhing on a barroom floor with another girl, but I haven't gotten that far into his blog yet. But I will. Oh yes. I will.

The Few are getting Fewer

Y'know, since I don't watch MSM news, I don't know if the recruiting problem is being covered at all. And talking about it here would probably only be preaching to the choir.

But I thought this was a great cartoon, and I wanted to share it.

Uncle (0)Sam(a) wants you!

Sunday, August 07, 2005


Ahoy, Mateys!

Welcome Friends, old and new
Looking for something else to do
To escape the net(work) of that wily Fox
The giant conglomerate of Rupert Murdoch's
Cunning and greed, artifice and wile
Come and go with me, leave and stay a while