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Saturday, January 28, 2006


The Real SOTU

MyDD has posted a preview to the State of the Union address.

A good drinking game might be to take a drink every time the preview matches the actual.

I suppose you could get pretty fucked up by taking drink every time King George invokes 9/11. Or connects Saddam with Al Qaeda. Or insists that Iraq is the main front on the War on Terror. Or that ______________ (fill in the blank).

Remember to drink resposibly. Oh wait, if the president does it then it's not illegal, right? You bring the 8-ball, I'll bring the Wild Turkey!

Sunday, January 08, 2006


Howie Blitzes Wolfie

More stuff you may have already heard (and I hope you have, and that you've shared it with as many as you can)...

I caught this on Crooks and Liars earlier today, and like many of the commenters on that page, I felt a slight sense of retribution; like, "Finally, someone gets a word in on the spin machine!"

I'm sure the Rethuglicans won't rest until they find a way to connect a Democrat to Abramoff. I mean, just like the Monkey King keeps trotting out Saddam/WMD/911/Al Qaeda whenever he gets the chance (and there are people out there who keep eating that shit he's feedin' 'em), Rethugs keep trying to claim that Dems like Senator Dorgan were in on the Abramoff take, when it's just not true. These implicated Democrats who received money from Indian tribes received them because of their seats on the Indian Affairs Committee. The tribes might have been, as Wolfie obfuscatingly put it, "Abramoff-related organizations and outfits", but only because they were the clients (or as Abramoff and Scanlon put it, "those troglodytes") from whom Abramoff and Associates were stealing. If the tribes are being described as "Abramoff-related organizations and outfits", it's only a matter of time before Rethugs start calling them accessories to Abramoff's crimes, since they let Abramoff steal from them. I know that sounds crazy, but so has a bunch of shit that's happened since Dubya took office.

Atrios has posted the transcript to the Wolf-shearing here. Scroll to the fifth post down, "Beard Transcript". As Atrios notes at the end of the post, the transcriptionist failed to include Wolf's deep sigh of resignation; nor does the text communicate the eight seconds of dead air, during which I'm sure Wolf struggled vainly to find some graceful way to end the interview. All he managed to muster, however, was the look of a embattled angler who not only didn't catch the big fish, but lost his last lure, as well.