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Sunday, July 01, 2007


SC to SF

So here we are in San Francisco, staying with Ren's Mimi (grandma). I figured since, being in Santa Cruz, we were so close to The City, we could't not make the trip. It turned out to be closer than I thought, too, with the drive only taking about an hour and a half. That didn't matter, though, as the view along CA-1 is so beautiful that having to drive slow is actually preferred.

Here's India standing by as her mom, Crystal, puts some chicken on the grill. Notice all the green surrounding them. As soon as I get home I'll be able to get all the photos off my camera to show you just how woodsy their environs are.

As far as when that will be, well, I'm not exactly sure. The best I can figure is sometime this month. From here, we'll be returning to Santa Cruz for a day or two before heading back to Taft. While in the land of Oil, I'll be helping my Mom and her husband with the ongoing move Up The Hill. [cue the Jeffersons theme]

Which means we'll be observing Fourth of July fireworks surrounded by oil-fields. Does anyone else find that just the slightest bit odd? I mean, it's odd enough that someone should decide to move IN THE MIDDLE OF SUMMER (I just heard a forecast calling for some hotness for the 4th), but to want to hang around while a bunch of yahoos light up some pyrotechnics amidst fields of black gold?

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Blogger erica said...

Lighting fireworks in an oil field is no stranger than say, using the phrase military intelligence....some things just shouldn't be done!! lol

9:03 AM  
Blogger Caroline said...

What a beautiful picture that is (of Crystal and India)...it looks like heaven!!

11:08 AM  

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