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Friday, June 08, 2007


4th Annual SDCCS Talent Show

Incredible Flexible Garret
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Tonight was my son's school talent show. I didn't get very good shots because my flash wasn't strong enough, so I had to try to hold very still when snapping the shutter. I didn't take many pictures, period, because most of the time I was busy clapping or holding my hand to my face in disbelief over the amount of talent in our little school. It was a fantastic event, made all the better by the fact that it was held in the auditorium of what will be our new location next school year. See, for the past five or six years, San Diego Cooperative Charter School (SDCCS) has rented space in a mixed-use, Medical/Office building. Not so great considering some of the mixed-use characters milling around and in-and-out of the building, but what made up for it is its proximity to Balboa Park, one of the jewels of the city. So many field trips have been within walking distance of the school--Museum of Man, Museum of Art, Ruben H. Fleet Science Center, Natural History Museum, just to name a few.

Come September, though, we will be in an actual school, with grass and trees and real classroom-size classrooms and an auditorium/cafeteria and age appropriate play areas! Getting to look inside one of the classrooms, there was something I wasn't immediately able to put my finger on...something different, but good. I mean, it looked like a kindergarten class, but there was something...just at the tip of my...

It didn't smell like pee. I was sold. (Just kidding, the school had me at "Hello", but the no-pee-smell really does it for me!)

I got a chance to talk to the custodian who's been at the site for the last 4 years. I told him the school had a nice feel to it, a nice atmosphere; and he told me it certainly does, that when he goes to work, he doesn't feel like he's going to work. It's a nice place to be, he said, and anyone who has ever worked there has loved it.

Sounds like just the place for our little school!

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Blogger CJ said...

I have a Google alert for the name of our school - so stopped by to read your blog - very nice! I love the Talent Show because it is everything good about our school. All the kids support each other and clap - the music selections are a little edgy .. I love it! And I love the new school .. we just need a labrynth ....

6:25 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

I LOVED the Talent show...What talent our kids have, what a great community...what a great new school...the possiblilities are endless for us !!

I meet the Custodian to...what a really nice guy !! I am so happy we will have one !!! And no Pee smell...I won't miss it either !!! It will be great !!!

Garret ...WOW

9:17 AM  
Blogger otter said...

love love love it all! YES!

10:25 AM  
Anonymous pepe said...

I though it was just me and my bad picture taking. My flash was very week too! So most of my pictures chupan. I'll post them soon in flickerio anyway.
And the new school feeling is great. I look forward to see all children and parents around there in Sept.

7:55 PM  

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