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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Bush Mugged in Albania

Why aren’t the Secret Service protecting the President? Why are they allowing the Albanians to get so close and actually ruffle the man’s hair?

And then a commenter (forgive me, your screenname is a little difficult to recreate in a post) pointed out why the Secret Service really wasn’t protecting the President. If you look at the :50 second mark, there’s a watch with a black wristband…at the 1:00 minute mark…it’s no longer there. That’s right, those adoring Albanians–who have actually issued postage with Bush’s face–were mugging the President. Pretty ballsy, if you ask me. After all, look at what he did to a country that actually posed no threat.

Is there nothing this monkey can do without looking like an ass? I swear, I was expecting him to get all Michael Jackson and get up on the roof of one of those Suburbans and do a dance for his fans (?). And what about all that whistling? Isn't that a form of booing in other countries--like at futbol matches? And their chant, "Bushie"...how sweet. I wonder if those Albanians are, as Borat put it, in "support [of] your war of terror"? [emphasis mine]

My first thought was, jeez, couldn't they take more than his watch? But then we'd be stuck with Dr. Evil & his Iron Lung and his wife poised to be considered for the Senate seat in Wyoming. (Cue song, "Unanswered Prayers")

[h/t Nicole Belle @ C&L]


Blogger Amy said...

Bush is not only an idiot...he is so creepy...getting off on people adoring him, and stealing his watch... to bad he couldn't take a minute and talk to Cindy Sheehan when she was at the Ranch. What a Freakin' Creep !!!!

8:47 AM  
Blogger Paida said...

Can you imagine what that Albanian could get on Ebay for that watch!?

I am off to watch the video you posted which is now fully buffered...

7:14 PM  

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