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Saturday, September 03, 2005


I don't wanna hear another goddamned press conference!

I heard Mayor Nagen's WWL phone interview on the local Air America affiliate here in San Diego -- 11 minutes, as opposed to whatever soundbites the network and cable news outlets culled from its entirety in order to color the story.

When Mayor Nagen started getting vociferous with his pleas and his anger, I cheered, thinking, "It's about time someone speaks up and says, 'Enough of the BS! We need help NOW!'" When he was done, there was about 30 seconds of dead air. My eyes were tearing up, in sadness and frustration over what's (not) happening. Then I heard why there was such an extended period of silence on the radio -- both men, the interviewer (a WWL radio host) and Mayor Nagen, were crying, unable to speak. My tears spilled over as I listened to and pictured this proud city mayor reduced to tears of frustration and grief, calling for, pleading for, demanding leadership and assistance.

I certainly hope this doesn't transpire, but I fear that both Mayor Nagen and the radio host, and possibly WWL, will be punished for broadcasting such raw, unfiltered material, material that hasn't been the subject of focus group studies or FCC scrutiny. At a time when patriotic, conscientious dissent is vilified, and no one is allowed to attend any of Dubya's engagements without pledging support to him, it's very easy to think that the New Orleans Mayor will be criticized for his impassioned response to the lack of response.


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