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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Salon.com - War Room

"It gets ugly in Crawford":


This is dumbfounding. At this rate, Crawford's just going to spiral into a mess before it gets resolved -- although, how it gets resolved is now anyone's guess. Hopefully it doesn't end with some good-n-drunk ol' boys goin' a-cross clippin', protest-plowin' and Sheehan shootin'.

I'm sorry, Cindy, but I think you've been mistaken. Though you may be exercising your rights and duties as an American citizen, those privileges don't extend to foreign countries such as Crawford (I would say Texas, but then Austin would get lumped in with the rest of them).

You know what this is like? This is like when Capt. Kirk had a doppelganger and no one could tell who the real one was. It was determined when the fake Kirk insisted vehemently on the killing of the real one. Everyone knew that that behaviour was not in James T's nature, and thus the pretender revealed himself.

There are two Americas facing off outside Junior's ranch, but one of them is really more like a Bizarro-America, or as Tom might spell it, A'merka (doesn't that rhyme with burka?). Can you tell which is which? Quickly, because the wrong Capt. Kirk is in control of the bridge, and he's taking the ship down.


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