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Sunday, April 27, 2008


Branching out...

Ok, add me to the list of those reconnected with someone thanks to the wonder of Myspace. Sure, I've come across people from way-back-when on the social network behemoth, but honestly, they've never been people I'd been wondering after, let alone hoping to get back in touch with.

A few weeks ago, I got back in touch with my best friend from high school, Miguel. Growing up, we did just about everything together--me and my younger brother, Miguel and his younger brother, and regular cast of characters. We'd sleep over at each other's houses, practice breakdancing, play rollerhockey. Miguel and I even dated girls who were themselves best friends.

Of course, Life happens, and we went on with the usual, imperceptible parting of ways, a drift that carried us out of each other's immediate lives. Now, we're grown and with kids, and are hanging out once again.

Last Friday, we had a little photo shoot. He's somewhat of a car enthusiast and belongs to a community of Lexus is300 owners. He's been slowly modifying his car, personalizing it to his own taste, and he asked me if I could take some photos of his ride.

Altezza (by ebilflindastream)

We went out to Chicano Park, hoping to get some colour in the background, give the photos a little local flavour, and basically get something other than your typical car photo. I'm pleased with the results, for the most part. The next time we shoot, we'll have to try for later in the day, when the sun's golden light is coming from near the horizon and not beating down from on high. I'll also need more diffusion for my strobe, like an umbrella or, at the very least, a big soft box. A remote flash trigger would be nice too!

Altezza (by ebilflindastream)

Miguel posted these photos on the Lexus IS forums, and the feedback has been super positive. Maybe by the time their next big gathering comes around (June 14th), I'll have some requests coming my way!

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Blogger lydiafdc said...

That is so grat...almosts tempts me to peruse myspace?! As for your pix...completely and totally awesome!

9:21 PM  
Blogger susan m said...

these are terrific -- I love 'em! Going to Chicano Park was an excellent idea. Muy excellando.

10:06 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

Wow, the images are incrediable, you could have a career in just shooting cars ! So glad you reconnected with your friend, that is so cool. I have to say the only reason I signed up on facebook was to have a similar experience, has not happened yet. BTW, Alan is also a Lexus IS 300 owner...the car is really the bomb !!

2:32 PM  
Blogger DrunkenMime said...

I'm glad my wife noticed you on Joe's myspace. a lot has changed, we have changed in a lot of ways, but the more we talk, the more I see how we're still the same punky kids inside. It's funny how things happen eh brother?

1:26 PM  
Blogger Paida said...

I already commented over on Flickr - but once again these photos are excellent.

Check out outstock.com for photo equipment. Sometimes they have totally random lighting things for great prices.

8:37 PM  
Blogger Caroline said...


9:18 AM  

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