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Saturday, March 22, 2008


The Great Flickr Blackout of 2008!

Uh oh...
What's going on over there at Flickr?
I know it was only down for a bit, but you know what they say:
You can fix a dam when it breaks,
but everyone will know where the cracks are...

Sure, today was nothing like that dark night in mid-January, when Flickr was down for hours, but when I don't even get the 'hiccups' message, I get scared! On the blog, it says:
3:55 pm: Oh wait! We’re back! We’re still scrutinizing the patient so if anything else should occur, check back here for additional information.

3:52 pm: Where’d we go? That’s the question! Flickr has been offline for about an hour, and the hard-working supernerds are busily diagnosing the patient. We’ll be back soon with a prognosis. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Well how am I supposed to check for additional information when the blog doesn't even load?!

Don't mess with my addiction, damnit!!!

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