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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Hey, now that's serious

It's pretty bad when a story out of The Onion is not simply parodying reality, but actually covering it. See, unlike, say, the story(ies) about Starbucks' multi-tiered plans for world domination (featuring images of armored combat vehicles emblazoned with the coffee empire's insignia), the fact is Barry Bonds appears a virtual angel (small 'A'--not to upset any SF or Anaheim fans) compared to the rest of the Sports news makers.

Not that he isn't just as bad as the rest of 'em. Barry's (alleged) use of banned performancing-enhancing substances is just as damaging to society as gambling, dog-fighting/murdering, or attempting/committing murder/suicide; the effects are just not as immediately apparent. It's a much longer story arc when you start with ambitious Little Leaguers who look-up-to/aspire-to-be [better than] Barry Bonds; who are witnesses to the glorification and tacit acceptance of his [allegedly substance-enhanced performance; who are driven by rabidly fanatical supporters; who figure, "If Barry got away with it, so can I!"

Next thing you know, you're hearing about a college baseball star who, in the throes of a full-on 'roid-rage, practiced his homerun swing on his girlfriend (for not supporting him enough) and his parents (for pushing him too hard), before sticking his face in the business end of a pitching machine full of rocks.

Still, the fact remains that Barry has not killed anyone (or any animal); and no matter how dubious his achievements, any suspicion will be over-shadowed by the gamblers, dog-killers, and murderers.

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Blogger Paida said...

This really is not a good summer for Pro Sports.

Dog fighting! How pathetic is that? What kind of multi-millionare gets his kicks by watching dogs tear each other apart? I really don't get it.

I really don't know what as a society we can do about performance enhancing drugs. Athletes seem to be caught in a total catch-22 with out the drugs they can't succeed - with the drugs they become part of the problem.

Luckily the only perfomance enhancing drugs I use for blogging is caffeine. (and the occational Sam Adams like I am drinking right now thanks to Lydia and Shawn!)

8:29 PM  
Blogger E'l Roy said...

And I didn't even mention Michael Vick's alleged order to electrocute a dog (one that lost, I think)!

8:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


i apologize.

I am not a "sporty spice" sort of girl - I understand that all of the "great sport" hero- types are over-paid little boys that behave badly... most suffering from "too much , too fast, too young".

I am in NO way making "them" right or wrong ... as a divorce single mother of two amazing humans - six year old boy and four year old girl
I find myself turning the TV off more often that I expected I would -

I have heard the words I wished a "grown up " would have bothered to speak to me ... I have heard me speak those words to Pearce and Babette... and every round it ALL boils down to this :

"You are an amazing human, no limits on what you can make happen, IMPOSSIBLE - that does not exist... AND, as long as you do 'the right thing' - the thing / choice that makes you feel proud of you - I will be proud to be your mother. AND, if you make a choice that hurts your heart - I will still love you but , I will expect you to do better - "

They are not confused.

The little sporty millionaire boys that made bad, ugly, indulgent choices - they knew better.

We all have that "place" / gut-check "good to do / or , not so good to do" place .. EVEN if they were raised motherless / fatherless ... name-an-excuse-full-of ...
Each of us human types ARE talented and amazing each of us = and THEM PRO'S TOO.

We are victims of ourselves.
The "pro" peeps = just humans and should be treated as equal as you or I would in the US Courts o' Law.

E- that would require a WHOLE new blog from you.

Hugs, Loca

8:39 PM  

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