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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I'll Tumbl For Ya


On Lifehacker today, I learned about a new blogging service called Tumblr (what is it with dropping that e before the r?). It's kind of a blog-lite kind of service--the analogy being that a if a weblog is a journal, a tumblelog is a scrapbook.

I thought I'd start one cuz it looks so cute, and I'm intrigued by it's simplicity. With the Share on Tumblr bookmarklet, you can grab and post anything off the web--quotes, photos, videos. If you're familiar with VOX, it works similarly, only more openly.

I don't think my tumblelog, 16oz Tumblr take the place of my Blogger weblog, but it might become the scratchpad that leads to more substantial posts on my blog...or not. We'll see...

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