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Monday, March 19, 2007


Bum Rush the Charts

Speaking of new stuff on the side-bar, you'll notice a couple new graphic-thingies. These link-button-things are for a an online movement aimed at harnessing the power of the interwebs to stick it to the Man (again).

It's called Bum Rush the Charts, organized by a few prominent podcasters, and is an effort to show the music industry the power and reach of bloggers/podcasters. By coordinating an online sort of flash-mob, BRtC aims to rocket a single, independent band's song to the top of the iTunes charts, hopefully getting some executives' attention.

There are some other things going on with this movement, not the least of which is the donation of 45 cents of each 99 cent purchase to a college scholarship fund (5 cents coming directly from sale, and 40 cents being donated by the band, in this case Black Lab, itself).

Check it out. Be a part of a mob! And if you don't like crowds, this is all the better, being online, and such.

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