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Sunday, May 20, 2007


...Just like witches in Black Masses

I've always been a late bloomer, so much so that sometimes I wonder if I've really just been way ahead of my time. Seeing as everything happens in cycles, it's easy for me to rationalize that way. And lucky for me, too, since now I'm able to appreciate things I was never into years ago. Take Black Sabbath, for example. I was decidedly not into Sabbath, Dio, ACDC, or even Led Zepplin when I was a kid. I was too afraid to listen to that "Devil music"--I wasn't ready to question authority or the status quo.

Well, I'm not afraid of Ozzy anymore, and not because of his drug-addled shambling on TV. In fact, I wish I'd given all those bands a listen when I was a kid--it might've saved me a few years of trying to figure some things out.

Anyway, here's a video set to "War Pigs", appropriately using images of the Commander-Guy (aka the Decider), Darth Dick, (Germany's public enemy) Don Rumsfeld, and the blatantly named Paul Wolfowitz.

Check the very last frame of the video...kinda creepy shot of the Pretender.

(seen on Crooks & Liars))

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