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Sunday, February 05, 2006


Not even SBXL is safe from the Bush Administration

This "administration" is truly un-Conservative. By every defining aspect of political 'conservatism', Bush 43's team fails the sniff test. For a party that believes in small government, of minimal government involvement in citizen's lives, the current administration has created and enjoys the obfuscations created by vast beauracracies, whose ubiquitous tendrils penetrate deeper and wider than ever.

What prompted me to issue this obvious and tired tirade? Was it the revelations of the most recently discovered "Downing Street memo"? Was the report of the 24-year old Bush appointee telling NASA senior scientists to avoid offending people with talk of Einstein and the Big Bang? Was it the lastest bovine-excrement to fall from Chris Matthews' or Bill "Falafel" O'Reilly's pie holes?


It was Alabama's favorite daughter, Cuntileeza Rice being interviewed on ESPN as part of the Super Bowl pre-game show.

Sure, any pre-game work-up, especially for the Super Bowl, is full of pap for the masses. But which ESPN producer thought listening to the Secretary of Sellout would be compelling programming for the pre-game show? Hell, listening to her politically-correct vacillations on how the big game will play out was almost as bad as listening to her proselytize for the administration's (failure of a) foreign policy.

Not nearly as nauseating, and actually rather entertaining, was ESPN's Kenny Mayne in Martha Stewart's kitchen cookin' up some nachos. I don't think she got all his "are you gonna share your secrets" jokes.



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