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Monday, August 15, 2011


Drew & Sarah :: A Private Ceremony

In an idyllic spot, along a little stream near Green Valley Falls, I
got to witness and photograph one of my dearest friends get married to
his beautiful and ridiculously awesome bride. Though it was high noon,
we were spared from the blazing summer sun by the emerald canopy of
trees growing along the banks of the stream.

Being a completely private ceremony--just me, John, their officiate
(another old friend), and Drew and Sarah--there was a level of
intimacy you can't get at a traditional wedding, or even at the
courthouse. With only the occassional whinnies of horses being ridden
nearby, we were in a world all to ourselves, where Drew and Sarah were
able to exchange their vows without distraction; the gentle babbling
of water serving as Pachelbel and Mendelssohn.

For me, it was nice to not worry about standing in front of anyone, as
I circled them. My only concern was if I was going to get more than
ankle deep in the water, or if I'd lose my footing climbing up and
down the bank.

Afterwards, we made our way back to our cars, where we took a couple
silly photos against a dumpster. Then, feeling the need for a small
bit of tradition, Sarah tossed the bouquet to me and John.

I caught it.


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